Declare God's Wonders, is sponsored by the Rev. Paul E. Veit often referred to as the "Dino Pastor" and discloses the truth about our existence based on the study of our past; specifically DINOSAUR and other fossil remains.

Through the study of our past it has been proven that we have NOT evolved from the "primordial pond scum" we have been led to believe, but were created by God's Holy hand as described in the Biblical Book of Genesis.

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By Paul Veit on 1/7/2009 2:33 PM
We have had an awesome time pointing people to Jesus at the Dinosaur Encounter. Although it says "Creation Learning Center" on the sign, lots of non-believers stop in. Responses vary from "Why haven't I been allowed to see this evidence!", to one lady who refused to listen and went and sat in the car. We need to be able to handle larger groups. Most visitors come in groups made by appointment. Unfortunately, our teaching area can only sit 35. This spring, Lord willing, we will break ground on the Dragon Slayer Fair. When finished, we will be able to handle larger numbers of people. Half the group will go outside and half will stay in for teaching. Then they will switch.

At the Dragon Slayer Fair, kids will learn what it means to be a Dragon Slayer. The knight's code - the ten commandments will be emphasized. Kids will also learn what it means to put on the whole armor of God. After a teaching time, kids will go to the fair where they can shoot ping pong balls from crossbows at dragons. They will be able...
By Paul Veit on 1/7/2009 2:14 PM
Just two weeks ago we celebrated the most significant birthday ever - the day our Creator gave us a Savior. The Birth of Jesus forever altered our spiritual condition and our eternity. Unfortunately, the world has been gearing up to celebrate a different birthday. Every museum, every natural history site, every school system and the media will promote Darwin's birthday. Some have multi-million dollar campaigns. February 2009 will mark Darwin's 200th Birthday and 150 years since he wrote his book. Unfortunately, evolution will continue to lead hundred of thousands away from their Creator and Savior. How will we respond to this unprecedented onslaught?

This year I have stayed in over 80 homes and have done outreach events in over 120 venues. I have seen several very positive changes taking place this year. To begin with, I am conducting more and more multiple church outreach events in schools and auditoriums. We have had up to twelve churches working together to reach their community.

I am also starting...
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