Declare God's Wonders, is sponsored by the Rev. Paul E. Veit often referred to as the "Dino Pastor" and discloses the truth about our existence based on the study of our past; specifically DINOSAUR and other fossil remains.

Through the study of our past it has been proven that we have NOT evolved from the "primordial pond scum" we have been led to believe, but were created by God's Holy hand as described in the Biblical Book of Genesis.

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Feb 5

Written by: DinoPastor
2/5/2008 3:50 PM  RssIcon

In 2008, we are excited to be offering a brand new, highly creative, outreach entitled, "The Mystery, The Sorrow, and The Power".

The crucifixion and literal resurrection of Jesus Christ has been under attach recently through movies such as the DaVinci Code and the Jesus Tomb. As I travel, I have noticed that there are literally thougsands of people who have swallowed these false teaching. In doing so they have walked away from God and His incredible work on the cross and in the empty tomb. In 2008, we are excited to be offering a brand new, highly creative, outreach entitled, "The Mystery, The Sorrow, and The Power".

The outreach is broken down into three half-hour sections. We will begin by examining a life-size replica of the Shroud of Turin. The official photographer, who initially examined the Shroud, has given us an opportunity to purchase a fourteen foot life-size photographic replica of the front and the back. We will briefly describe the pros and the cons of the shroud while beginning to point out the physical aspects of a crucifixion. We will NOT, in any way, validate the shroud as the burial cloth of Christ. It will only be used to illustrate the physical and medical aspects of crucifixion. In the second section, entitle "Walk with Christ to the Cross", will examine the crucifixion step by step with special emphasis on the spiritual aspects of Jesus dying for our sins. Proof of the resurrection will lead us into the closing where we will answer the question; "What does the cross and empty tomb mean to us personally?"

Rejoice with us! A sum of $1620 was needed to launch this new outreach. We just received a matching gift of up to $800. If you give now, an anonymous donor will match your gift up to $800!

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