Declare God's Wonders, is sponsored by the Rev. Paul E. Veit often referred to as the "Dino Pastor" and discloses the truth about our existence based on the study of our past; specifically DINOSAUR and other fossil remains.

Through the study of our past it has been proven that we have NOT evolved from the "primordial pond scum" we have been led to believe, but were created by God's Holy hand as described in the Biblical Book of Genesis.

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Jan 7

Written by: DinoPastor
1/7/2009 2:14 PM  RssIcon

Just two weeks ago we celebrated the most significant birthday ever - the day our Creator gave us a Savior. The Birth of Jesus forever altered our spiritual condition and our eternity. Unfortunately, the world has been gearing up to celebrate a different birthday. Every museum, every natural history site, every school system and the media will promote Darwin's birthday. Some have multi-million dollar campaigns. February 2009 will mark Darwin's 200th Birthday and 150 years since he wrote his book. Unfortunately, evolution will continue to lead hundred of thousands away from their Creator and Savior. How will we respond to this unprecedented onslaught?

This year I have stayed in over 80 homes and have done outreach events in over 120 venues. I have seen several very positive changes taking place this year. To begin with, I am conducting more and more multiple church outreach events in schools and auditoriums. We have had up to twelve churches working together to reach their community.

I am also starting to meet more and more scientists and doctors affected by the ministry. Recently, I had a medical doctor approach me after one of my outreaches. He said that he had heard me two years ago for the first time. He said that for two whole years something I said has bugged him constantly. I had described the air sack in a dinosaur egg that the dinosaur draws it's oxygen from. He said that for two years he has struggled with how that airsack could have evolved outside the body. His conclusion - after two years - the dinosaur egg could not have evolved because you can't evolve things outside your body. It is amazing how God uses small things like that to bring people closer to himself.

A third change I am beginning to see is that the ministry is starting to get more media attention. The media attention has also led to more slams on the internet. I have been described as a "complete moron" because I actually believe the Bible. I have received several very hostile "email" attacks. The enemy is active and is still roaring like a lion. Praise God, when we speak, we speak in His power! In a letter published in a Philadelphia newspaper, the president of one a local atheist organizaztion in Philadelphia wrote his letter in response to an article he saw in a newspaper. Although has never heard me, he likened the teaching of creationism to children to the 1800's "flat Earth" movement and sees religion as being designed to keep people in ignorance and psychological bondage. Please pray for him. He needs Jesus.


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